Floral Designs

There are several ways to order flowers from Mission Calla Lilies and More:

By Phone:

Call our toll-free number at to place an order. This is the best way to order flowers because you can ask questions or customize your order to your taste. There are lots of options that you can get by calling in that may not be available on-line.

By Online Shopping Cart:

We are currently working on an online shopping and be available soon. We do not offer online shopping for our exclusive floral designs because we want to make sure that these arrangements are ordered only for local delivery.

Please do understand that flowers that will be used in creating the floral design may not be exactly what you see in the images. Colors of flowers may also differ. What we guarantee is that the overall look and feel will be similar if not better.

Zodiac deSigns

These are floral arrangements that will help you decide on what flowers or colors are best for a birthday celebrant.

Exclusive Floral Designs

Here are some images of unique and exclusive floral designs created by Mission Calla Lilies and More. These flower arrangements can only be ordered for local deliver or pick-up.

Order your flowers early…

We accept “same-day delivery” for Mission and Abbotsford addresses ONLY but please note that flowers may not be available at that time. We encourage orders placed at least one day in advance by offering a FREE Delivery.