About Calla Lilies

[book id=’6′ popup=’1′ preview=’http://www.callalilyworld.com/images/100.jpg’ /] Calla originated from a Greek word for “beauty”. The main and the most significant calla lily meaning is magnificence and beauty. Indeed – it is one of the most beautiful flower on earth. The bloom had been photographed and painted by world-class artists. Calla Lilies are favorites for wedding bouquets because of its elegance.

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A calla lily is not actually a true lily. The calla lily belongs to the genus Zantedeschia and is grown from rhizomes (commonly known as bulbs). It is also known as the arum lily, pig lily, the tantalizing water dragon and also trumpet lily.

Zantedeschia is a genus of herbaceous flowering plants in the family Araceae named in honor of Giovanni Zantedeschi, an Italian botanist. The plant originated from the marshes of South Africa. Today, the calla lily is considered the most popular exotic flower. Depending on the variety, the calla lily grows up to 4 feet tall with green foliage. Most of the colored varieties have smaller blooms but the traditional white has large blooms. The shape of the flower is like a funnel with a yellow thin spadix in the center.

The symbolism of the calla lily started during the 19th century when flowers were used to express ones feelings. As a present, flowers offer passionate messages to the recipient without the use of words. During the Victorian period, the calla lily was used to express many such hidden symbols and due to its physical resemblance to the female genitalia, the calla lily denoted sexuality.

The calla lily is a well-known wedding flower as well as a funeral flower. The calla lily is a symbol of ‘Resurrection’ for Easter service. The cone-like flowers are thought to symbolize trumpets heralding victory. The calla lily also symbolizes Christ’s passion on the cross. It symbolizes purity, holiness and faith. Calla lilies are strong symbols of youth, innocence and rebirth.

White symbolizes cleanliness, rectitude and virginity, brilliance of truth and holiness. Calla lilies are also a symbol of elegance and sophistication. They are the traditional symbols of marriage. Calla lilies are also the flowers representing the 6th wedding anniversary. The classic white calla lily stands for purity of thought and the eloquence of heavenly bliss. This is the main reason why they are popular for weddings. Calla lilies are also symbol of sympathy and purity that is restored to the departed soul and that’s why they are used during funeral services.

Today, the calla lily has evolved into several varieties of various colors and sizes. The science of Horticulture has opened the doors towards producing several varieties of calla lilies that we enjoy today.

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